Cash CreatorTM Program Registration

Welcome to the FTI Property Investments Cash CreatorTM Program

As part of our unique multi-tiered Legacy Planning process, The Family Trust Institute has established the Cash CreatorTM Program. With this program, we buy wasting assets and turn them to cash for you and us:

  • We create cash for you that you were not going to have
  • We introduce you to the Family Bank & Trust concept
  • We all make money while we determine what bigger opportunities exist

We have designed this money-saving program to be as quick and easy as possible for you. By completing and submitting the registration form below, documents that you will need to submit will automatically populate common fields, so all you will have to do is sign them and hit the SUBMIT button.

In addition to the Cash CreatorTM, our Legacy Planning process includes two additional components to help your estate grow and prosper, and ensure your legacy for generations to come. IN FACT, WE ADDRESS THE PROBLEM OF SHIRTSLEEVES TO SHIRTSLEEVES IN 3 GENERATIONS AND WE ONLY GET PAID WHEN WE DO THAT.

These additional components include:

  • The Family BankTM – we find assets you own personally that you are ignoring that are critical to your business and buy them from you.
    • We reduce your personal death taxes
    • We increase investment cash flows
    • We asset protect
  • The Legacy ProtectorTM – we buy highly appreciated assets from you and resell them.
    • We are a reseller and only make money on the money we make for you
    • We align asset protection with legacy and estate planning
    • We provide opportunities for diversification you were probably going to miss

When you work with us to create your Legacy Plan, we:

  • Reduce your personal taxes
  • Increase investment cash flows
  • Protect assets from tax and creditors (and align legacy and estate planning with your coordinated planning
  • Provide opportunities for diversification
  • Help you address areas in business and life that you were not going to address because you don’t have systems to address them
  • Do it all with expense & tax savings and extra growth & value that you were not going to have if you didn’t work with us

To learn more about FTI’s Estate and Legacy Planning process, visit our Cash CreatorTM Library website. (opens in new window)