The art of bonsai is a valued treasure that is handed down through generations. Some trees can live from 600 to 800 years or more. The Asian elite has embraced this art to help guide the soul and train the mind. There is no real completion time or end. As the tree grows and changes, your vision of the tree changes accordingly, working with its natural tendencies and not fitting it into a prescribed mold.

Bonsai is more about doing than accomplishing. By doing, you accomplish. By working in harmony with unique gifts of the family, you discover more than you would have forcing it into your limited vision. No two bonsai trees are the same, nor should they be. Each has its own destiny to become what it’s intended to be. Ultimately, bonsai is about simplicity. To be what you discern to be.

Do not seek to follow the footsteps of the teacher, seek what they sought.

Asian proverb

Like bonsai trees, legacies are equally a living, thriving entity with no predetermined end. They are to be cared for, guided, and tended to. They are not there to be dictated or forced into something that isn’t true. Legacies establish guiding principles and value of conduct, truth, beauty, and wealth. This is open to interpretation for each generation to discover and make into its own.

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