Families who successfully transfer their wealth from generation to generation focus on their human capital first. Their secret is to begin with values and include all four wealth pillars.

They build strength and communication within the family, customizing little-known but highly-effective legacy practices and skills to their unique family culture and circumstances. This is what we offer to you. Our approach naturally enhances your technical planning and saves you money.

Team Built For Success

Financial assets alone cannot support your legacy. Studies and family failures around us prove that you need more, illustrated by the Four Pillars of Legacy. We know how to strengthen and balance each of the necessary pillars. This work, and sharing the legacy habits and tools of successful families, is what we do.

Successful families and their advisor teams focus on what’s missing in traditional estate plans that deal only with financial assets, real estate, and necessary legal documents. Legacy planning focuses on what’s missing in technical estate planning:

  1. Alignment between and among:
    • Conflicting goals
    • You and your spouse
    • Family members
    • Your advisors
  2. Trust and communication-building
  3. Preparedness and opportunity development

Learn more about the Four Pillars of Legacy: Traditional Estate Planning Compared To Legacy Planning

Legacy Advisor Team Responsibilities

The Legacy Advisor Team approach naturally enhances your technical planning and saves you money.

For a Healthy and Resilient Generational Legacy

These are the human capital qualities of a healthy legacy on which your family, heirs, and legacy advisor team should focus and enhance:

  • Clarity
  • Confidence
  • Peace of mind
  • Strength
  • Harmony
  • Trust
  • Philanthropy
  • Wealth preservation
  • Easy transition
  • Coordination
  • Shared sense of core values
  • Your goals and your heirs’ goals are aligned
  • Appreciation for, and connectedness to the family journey
  • Healthy life approaches in descendants
  • Generational continuation of the planning

Take Steps To Plan Your Legacy

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Determine Priorities

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