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  • You are about to produce documents on software that lawyers use to create documents. By proceeding, you understand and agree that these documents are for your illustration only and you agree not to use them without first consulting a lawyer. You agree that lawyers may see issues and facts that would change your answers.
  • A considerable percentage of estate plans fail to meet all of their goals for non-legal, non-financial reasons. Help us to help you enjoy the appreciation of those your plan involves by sharing any concerns or questions.

Free Estate Plan Options

Our Virtual Estate Planning System (VEPS) is your portal to securely create, store, update, and share an estate plan that will help protect your legacy and your family for generations to come. The online system provides you with a fully-automated process for the drafting and assembly of completely state-specific estate planning documents.

Our process does not utilize “canned forms” but uses highly intuitive, context sensitive “question and answer” dialogs for the preparation of quality documents custom created for you in a matter of minutes. The Trusts and Wills module provides:

  • All Trust and Will versions with extensive distribution options (both specific and residual)
  • Specialized “stand alone” Trusts (e.g., an “IRA Benefitiary Trust)
  • All supporting documents including:
    • Pour-over wills
    • Powers of Attorney
    • HIPPA compliant Health-care Powers
    • Trust Certification
    • Tranfer documents, including the deeds, correspondance and worksheets.

All dialogs have detailed help screens. Documents are created, fully formatted, in Microsoft Word. All documents are frequently updated to ensure you are always compliant with current state and federal laws.

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Documents included with a Trust Package:

  1. Living Trusts (including Restated Amendments)
    1. “Non-Traditional Couple” Trust option
    2. Joint or Reciprocal Trust Versions for Married Clients include:
      1. Simple, probate avoidance Trust
      2. Disclaimer Trust
      3. “A/B” Trust
      4. “Intentionally defective” Marital Deduction Trust (to protect the “step-up” at the 2nd death)
      5. “QTIP” Trust (either pecuniary or fractional share) with optional “Clayton Election”
      6. “QDOT” provisions for a non-citizen spouse
    3. Specific Distribution Provisions include:
      1. Specific Sum and /or Percentage (individual or class gift)
      2. Gift of Real Property
      3. Option to Purchase Real Property
      4. Life Interest in Real Property
      5. Life Interest in Cash or Percentage
      6. Gift of Business Interest
      7. Forgiveness of Debt
      8. “Special Needs Trust”
      9. Pet Trust
      10. Charitable Foundation
    4. Residual Distribution Provisions include:
      1. “Per Stirpes” with trusts for grandchildren
      2. Allocations between specified beneficiaries by shares or percentages
      3. Delay for children to specified age or ages
      4. Family Pot” Trust
      5. Generation-Skipping Trusts
      6. “Dynasty Trust”
  2. Pour-Over Wills
  3. Certificate of Trust
  4. Declaration of Trust
  5. Assignment of Personal Effects
  6. Instructions for the Distribution of Tangible Personal Property
  7. General Powers of Attorney (including option for a “springing powers”)
  8. Health Care Directives with “Living Will” (HIPPA compliant)
  9. Stand-alone HIPPA Waivers
  10. Final Disposition (“Burial”) Instructions
  11. Client Correspondence (incorporating your letterhead), including:
    1. Transmittal Letters
    2. Summary of Estate Planning Provisions
    3. Signing Instructions
    4. Trust Funding Instructions (for after-acquired assets)
  12. Transfer Documents
    1. State specific Deeds for real property
    2. Letters of Instruction for re-titling to banks, transfer agents, brokerage firms, mutual funds, etc.
    3. Assignments of Deeds of Trust, limited and general partnership interests, business interests, etc.
    4. Requests for change of beneficiary designations for life insurance, retirement benefits, etc.
    5. Affidavits of death

We also offer the option of a “stand-alone” Will Package (simple or with testamentary trusts including the same first death options as the Living Trust).

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Next Steps

After you have established the legal and financial foundation of your estate plan, the next steps involve planning your legacy and the successful transition of your estate to your family and heirs, so they and future generations benefit from the opportunities afforded by your wealth, both its tangible components (financial assets and real estate) and its intangible elements (values and life lessons; instructions and wishes to be fulfilled; personal possessions of emotional value), rather than being hurt by it and eventually losing it. Select an option below to get started.

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