Legacy Planning Provides Heirs a Road Map to Success

Traditional estate planning is popularly defined as:

“I want to give what I have to who I want, the way that I want, at the lowest possible cost.”

The focus on money threatens the healthy balance of beneficiaries and the well-being of family. The risk of harm is high. Trusts and outright gifts that do not address the issues of balance and health for loved ones can have devastating impacts on their lives and careers.

Traditional Estate Planning:

  • Transfers financial assets without considering deeper purposes, non-financial wealth or your family’s journey
  • Burdens the health of the beneficiary recipient and, often, his or her marriage without support for other pillars and balance
  • Fails to proactively address many sources of conflict In this way, money acts as a stress or virus your can devastate the health of a loved one and their family.

Create a Legacy that Stands the Test of Time

The Family Trust Institute’s legacy planning approach applies the secrets of the biggest, longest lasting family offices, including the Rothschild and Fugger families. We have empathy for children born to circumstances the world would manipulate. Our approach:

Legacy Planning Provides Heirs a Road Map to Success

We each choose what we focus on in life. These choices shape the size and makeup of our assets, the conversations in our relationships, and the levels of sophistication of our thinking. They also shape our competence for more or less financial wealth.

As a wealth-builder, your gifts of inheritance may require more competence than some heirs have developed. Without your help, these heirs have no road map or awareness of the competence needed. Without preparation and assistance to grow, they are like children with a loaded gun and no safety course or instructions. Your choice is to help them or not.

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Enhancing Your Legacy

We take your vision and goals, developed through the Legacy Lifeboat System, and creates legal documents and systems that will ensure their success and fulfillment. Benchmarks, accountability, rights, and roles are all legally established and clearly defined.

Unlike traditional estate planning, our process understands the true nature of legacy and wealth transfer, both tangible and intangible, and the effect it has on heirs and future generations. Most importantly, we include your true wealth and perspective in your plan.

Take Steps To Plan Your Legacy

Evaluate Status

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Determine Priorities

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