[blockquote right=”pull-right”]My business is doing great and I’m making lots of money, but I pay high taxes, the stress is affecting my health, and my family has no idea about what to do if something should happen to me.[/blockquote]We provide personal and business planning services designed to minimize your tax liability and maximize your assets.

We also help prepare your beneficiaries and business for a smooth succession from one generation to the next, so that your efforts and assets – and the important community contributions they represent – are protected from the many unpredictable and volatile forces in the world.

Periodic Table of Estate Planning ElementsStructures For Success

Our personal planning services deliver unique tax minimization formulas, based on a customized strategic combination of IRS-approved investment programs and technical tools, which lead to maximum asset protection, to defend against the many known and unknown volatile forces that risk the prosperous future you and your heirs desire and deserve.

View our Estate Planning Periodic Table to see the many options we have available to custom-design an estate plan that exactly meets your specific goals for the future. To see how these options can be used in situations that may be similar to yours, read our technical Estate Planning Case Studies.


Business Transformation Process

Our unique 2-day business transformation process features a proprietary program of assessment and coaching.

Our team of top-level experts will help you clear up the systemic bottlenecks you cannot see from within your organization, which will quickly enhance efficiency and profitability.

We will also help you attain business purpose clarity, which will remove restrictive obstacles to growth, so you can achieve your primary goals more quickly.

This program considers and integrates with related tax reduction and asset protection techniques, to defend your business interests from global market instability.

Follow-up mentoring is also available.

Core Purpose

Our core purpose is to help you create harmony between your assets and your goals. We do this by aligning all of your assets – financial, intellectual, and human – with your estate planning priorities. We help you enhance the capabilities of these assets and reduce the risks of failure. You will see these benefits:

Benefits From An Individual Family Perspective
  • Peace of mind -– since you and your spouse are in alignment, you’ll be able to engage, mentor, and include your children’s unique gifts and interests in a cohesive, unified legacy approach. This will negate internal family conflicts and strife.
  • Heir preparedness -– your heirs will be prepared to receive the advantages the family has to offer and to not only sustain, but increase the legacy financially, intellectually, and philanthropically.
  • Successful transfer of wealth and legacy practices over generations -– you will establish a self-sustaining system that will value and transfer all family legacy wealth from generation to generation, not just from parent to child and not only financial assets.
Benefits From A Societal Perspective
  • Discover family purpose -– your family will be able to articulate what it wants to stand for and what it wants to contribute to society.
  • Impact communities -– your family will be able to leverage all of its resources, financial, social, spiritual, and intellectual. You will make a significant legacy difference in other families and the communities where you live.
  • Sustained legacy -– your family will learn how to go beyond the initial implementation of philanthropic work with a model for legacy transfer of values. You will be able to sustain the impact your family has over multiple generations that can span over centuries and benefit other families.

We Believe

The Family Trust Institute was founded based on the following key assumptions:

  • You have a great deal of intangible wealth that will be a lost if not shared with your family.
  • Your story, the values, and the life lessons behind it are the best foundation for beginning to shape your family’s legacy.
  • Financial wealth should support human capital.
  • You and your heirs have a unique mission or purpose.
  • Your mission or purpose may expand or become more defined during the process of using our tools and resources, or working directly with us.
  • The purpose of your wealth are related to your life/family mission.
  • Everyone in the family matters and has a special purpose.
  • The intangible assets of everyone throughout your family, including those through marriage, should be protected and strengthened.

We believe you are capable to succeed if you desire to do so and invest the necessary time, energy, and attention. We also know that your time is very valuable, and free time is scarce, so we know we need to provide you with real value to justify your time on our site.


A Unique Approach to Estate Planning

Your estate planning process should match your vision of what an estate plan should be with your priorities for the future.

Learn More: Best Estate Plan for Your Family and Heirs

Setting Up A Family Trust

The Family Trust Institute provides everything you need to know about the benefits and features of setting up a family trust to protect your financial assets and properly secure them for the benefit of your family and future generations of heirs.

Learn More: About Us.


Your Legacy

Your legacy can match your vision of the future for your family and community, if you are willing to create a plan and do the work required to implement it. Learn more about shaping your legacy and the future in our Legacy Library.

To help you learn and create an estate plan at a pace that is best for you and your family, we have assembled a unique set of information and articles in our Do-It-Yourself Estate Plan section.

Take Steps To Plan Your Legacy

Evaluate Status

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Evaluate your family’s odds of achieving a successful asset transition. Complete the 1O-question Estate Transition Checklist to determine how prepared you and your family are to achieve your asset transition goals.

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Determine Priorities

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Our Personal Estate Planning Priorities Survey, in combination with the Estate Transition Checklist, will help determine your vision and goals for your estate plan and how it is administered by your heirs.

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