Your life’s work and contribution to others can disappear quickly without adequate attention to the foundations and practices of legacy. Heirs may be unprepared or incapable without mentoring assistance.

Avoid Risks of Wealth Transfer

Even outright gifts to charity are often at risk of substantial waste. The result is that ordinary planning often creates false hope and comfort. Some traditional planning can even be counter-productive. Without guidance and preparation, most family wealth is lost within a few generations. Will your estate succumb to the fate?

Successful Transfer of Wealth

Do you have a plan to maintain your family wealth for generations to come?

What Do You Want as a Legacy?

  1. Descendants who know, love, and support each other?
  2. Values that are treasured and core to generations to come?
  3. Self-sustaining capabilities for wealth creation and contribution?
  4. Spiritual strength and resilience grounded in truth and love?
  5. Committed, thinking, educated heirs who align with your plan.

What is your plan to accomplish this? Has your family discussed this?

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Commit to the Legacy You Envision

If you are committed to your legacy and the shape it’s in, we have estate planning tools and resources that can be of assistance to your efforts to ensure your legacy has true meaning and lasts for generations.

You can also learn more about legacy planning in our Legacy Library.

Take Steps To Plan Your Legacy

Evaluate Status

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Evaluate your family’s odds of achieving a successful asset transition. Complete the 1O-question Estate Transition Checklist to determine how prepared you and your family are to achieve your asset transition goals.

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Determine Priorities

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Our Personal Estate Planning Priorities Survey, in combination with the Estate Transition Checklist, will help determine your vision and goals for your estate plan and how it is administered by your heirs.

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