Connect Legacy Planning and Asset Protection to Tax-Reduction Strategies

If you take just one of the following tax reduction steps, you can start to reap saving benefits that will result in significantly reduced tax liability every year. If you take two or all three of these steps, you can take your business and personal portfolios to the next level, where even more opportunity for tax savings exist.

1. PLAN with succession and future wealth building in mind.

2. PROTECT your assets through financial and income structures for your estate.

3. CONTROL the risks and liabilities of your current portfolio.

Uncle Sam Wants You To Pay LESS Taxes!

Uncle Sam Wants You To Pay LESS Taxes!

The tax code provides unique and powerful methods to those who pursue legacy planning, with succession and future wealth building in mind, but only a few astute taxpayers take advantage of these opportunities for strategic wealth compounding and control, in tax- and asset-protected environments.

  • The techniques we use derive from the same set of legal and proven strategic tools used by successful business tycoons, such as Warren Buffet and Mitt Romney, to avoid the vast majority of income, estate, and gift tax liabilities.
  • Federal, state, and local government tax agencies offer and promote tax savings for successful entrepreneurs, because wise capital investments create the businesses and jobs that generate the bulk of the taxable income nationwide. Our country was built on and still thrives from the entrepreneurship that creates millions of decent jobs in every community. Tax legislation has therefore naturally evolved to benefit those who help build our communities and strengthen the nation.

Learn What Tycoons Know About Asset Protection and Risk Management


  • Protecting your assets from creditors, lawsuits, divorce, and other risks is one of the most important steps you can take to ensure you do not lose your sources of income and your beneficiaries do not lose your estate. Asset titling, annuities, and many other strategies are available to create a solid wall between your assets and the forces that can take them from you.
  • Divesting yourself of the risks and liabilities of asset ownership is another key step to ensure your estate remains intact. Various types of risk insurance policies and structures can cover against catastrophic events that might otherwise entirely dismantled your business and estate.

Tax Reduction is as Easy as ABC


Schedule your free phone consultation, so we can discuss where the opportunities for tax savings exist, based on your current assets in relation to your business goals and personal priorities for the future.


If we determine during the phone call that you are in a position to significantly reduce your annual tax bills, we will request copies of the financial and legal documents related to your existing asset ownership structures current holdings and your estate plan.


We will deliver to you a report and consultation that outlines the specific steps you can take, for legitimate reasons based on your goals, to significantly reduce your taxes while significantly strengthening your asset protection instruments at the same time.

Based on the many plans we have previously created, the immediate savings provided by the structures we suggest will likely be at least four times our fee or more. Plus, the ongoing long-term savings from the plan we develop will provide you with the foundation you need to comfortably continue the lifestyle you desire and deserve.


Is what you do legal?

Yes, of course. The plans we develop are always and only based on strategic financial instruments and tools. Some are commonly known, such as annual and lifetime gifting exemptions, life insurance policies, and 529 education savings accounts. Other asset structures we consider are much less known and used, because they may require strict adherence to limitations or schedules, or they may be designed for a narrow scope of use that applies to limited situations.

What is your difference from other consultants?

The advantage we provide is being familiar with all of the possible investment and asset-ownership instruments, as well as when they apply to a given situation, along with knowing from experience how to implement and integrate them to ensure your assets have maximum protection with minimum or no tax liabilities. We come from and work with great wealth, so we understand and use the same approach taken by the Buffets and Romneys of the corporate world who use government rules and regulations to the benefit of themselves and their stakeholders.

What is the fee?

If, by the end of our initial phone conversation, you would like us to develop a tax-reduction and asset protection plan for you, you will know the fee and it will seem inconsequential considering the immediate and long-term reduction in taxes you will receive.

How can you do this type of sophisticated work for an “inconsequential” fee?

The real work we do begins after your plan is outlined and your financial and legal documents are in order. Our primary business focus is legacy planning, to help families successfully prepare for transferring the true wealth of their estate — their intangible assets — in addition to their tangible financial and real estate assets. We know that unprepared heirs are the the greatest threat to your intentions and your legacy, so we focus primarily on providing heir and family preparedness services. Reducing taxes and asset protection are just the necessary first steps in a successful and ongoing estate transition process.